It’s The Diggy Diggy Doc

Wuz Good My Peepo? I hope life is treating ya’ll well and positive vibes are surrounding you. As usual, ya’ll know ya boy been on the GRIND. Thanks to all ya’ll support I have been able to get in contact with more folx to hook ya’ll with some interesting interviews. I also been grinding tryin’ to get

17 Jun 2017

Episode #2 DYE AL LUH SIS (Featuring Tad Beatty)

Wuz Good My Peepo? I hope all is well with ya’ll and the world is treating ya’ll right! I have been on the move yo! Ya boy been busy at the hospital and out here in world trying to get thangs done. I been working on getting more content for ya’ll, and also workin on getting

25 May 2017

Da Summit

  Wuz good Ya’ll? I know the world around you is full of chaos, but I hope that you are able to find peace in the midst of it all. As ya’ll know ya boy stay busy, so I been trying to get some things poppin to help enhance the site and information a little

01 May 2017

Episode #1 Interview with Stephanie Fisher

Wuz Good My Peepo?, I hope all has been well with ya’ll and you are living the life you aspire to. I am a firm believer in following dreams ya’ll. Ya boy has been on the grind as usual constantly trying to get something done. From workin on the new video postz to trying to

20 Apr 2017

Give Me A Beat!

Yo, Wuz good my people? I hope ya’ll have been blessed and thangs are going good for ya’ll. Ya boy been doing well. I have been crazy busy, but I am doin alright. The hospital has been packed, the family is keeping ya boy occupied, and I been grinding trying to get the new format

10 Mar 2017

Enter The Heart: The 4 Chambers

What is good world? HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope ya’ll have been good and blessings have been flowing your way. I been busy as usual. The hospital has been packed… sad face! I even had some fam in the hospital, that’s been another thang! All in all tho ya boy is very blessed. It has

04 Jan 2017

Ill Street Blues

What Good World? I hope that all is good with ya’ll and life is treating you well. I tried the video thang again. I think I may stick to writing though, LOL. I am a bit more articulate with the written word than the spoken word, unless I am on the mic!. The topic is

29 Nov 2016

Electric Relaxation

What up World! Here is the latest Post! I tried the video thang for the first time. Have a blessed week ya’ll and imma holla at ya’ll soon!   Peace,   MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse

16 Oct 2016

Poppin Pills

  “All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dosage makes a thing not poison.” Paracelsus What’s good world! I hope all is good with ya’ll since the last post. I remember I said in the last post I was going to try to do a video, but it turns out that

09 Sep 2016

The Norms

Wuz good my People? I hope ya’ll have been well the past couple weeks. Ya boy has been busy, but I have been enjoying every minute of it. Work is GREAT and I got to spend some time wit the fam, so things have been good. This week I wanted to put ya’ll up on

07 Aug 2016
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