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Yo, this joint made a brotha hit repeat Madd times! O.C. is an O.G. in this Hip-Hop thang. O.C., a member of Diggin In The Crates (DITC), has been one of my inspirations for a number of years. The veteran’s verbal artistry still captivates the ears of his audience with concrete rhymes and flavorful production. O.C. calls to attention the current events taking place in the U.S. today and provides some creative and poignant commentary. This jawn “Sound Off” is a classic example of the skill O.C. brings to the table! Dope rhymes and beats…what more could a Hip-Hop head ask for! I have his album “Same Moon, Same Sun” in HEAVY rotation right now. Give this jawn a listen and go peep the album. O.C. did the dang thang on this one! Enjoy.




I had to put this joint up! Terrace Martin is a wizard with the saxophone! This cat has worked with a gang of people, from Snoop and Dj Quik to Robert Glasper and Lalah Hathaway. Terrace Martin is a fantastic musician with a major amount of talent. This song “Valdez off Crenshaw” is masterful and really smooth. Terrace is definitely one of the greats of our time. Take a listen to this a joint and I know you will feel the same way I do.  This is HOT! Go get the album, “Velvet Portraits”, you will not be disappointed! Enjoy!



Check it ya’ll, Imma put ya’ll up on the Las Vegas based rapper, “Dizzy Wright”. Dizzy is a talented artist who rose to fame after being “Co-Signed” by Hopsin. Hopsin, along with friend “Swizzz”, created a record label called “Funk Volume” Dizzy Wright was one of just a few artists that were asked to join the label . Funk Volume toured world-wide and gained tons of new fans and followers for the label. Around the beginning of 2016, Hopsin, Swizzz and Swizzz’s brother got into some heated disagreements and Hopsin decided to leave the label. The break-up of the label was particularly disturbing for the artists that signed to the label and began to represent it regularly. Dizzy was one of those artists who took the break-up hard because it was out of his control and he had just gotten a tattoo to show his loyalty to the label. Dizzy is known for his positive messages; he speaks about improving the black community and raising respectful young women and men.

Since the bitter break-up of “Funk Volume”, Dizzy has created his own label entitled “Still Movin’” and has been releasing music regularly. One of Dizzy’s new songs, entitled “Wanna Remind You” brings light to the fact that Dizzy has had some demons and other challenges in recent days, but also recognizes that other people are going thru trials and tribulations as well. This is an uplifting song with a “heavy rotation” style beat (Produced by Roc N Mayne).

Big shouts out to Dizzy Wright for his great music and representing Las Vegas, Nevada (which was way overdue for a good Hip-Hop representative).

Looking forward to a fruitful career and years of listening pleasure.

The Hip-Hop Anchor

Hood to Haven and Back Again


Yo, this joint is crazy dope! As a California native, this song has been my anthem for the past few months and continues to stay in heavy rotation! Ya boy has been livin in the NW for quite a few years now, but I always miss home. This song reminds me of hangin wit the homies in the AV (Antelope Valley) makin it do what it do. Dj Battle Cat, or just simply Battlecat, has been putting out quality music for decades. Battlecat has a signature West Coast sound that Hip Hop heads can’t wait put in they ride and bang.  Battlecat has made music with legends like Snoop, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Nate Dogg (RIP), The Eastsidaz, Kurupt, and many more. Battlecat continues to make bangers and deserves the highest recognition for his music! This joint callled, “I’m From California”, has spin on TOTO’s “Africa” with a dope Hood feel. Mykestro, Battlecat’s brother, along with AV artist 2 Dice and Janice Freeman put it down on this song. Ya’ll give this joint a listen and you will understand why this joint stays in HEAVY ROTATION in my whip! Holla

If you keep your ear to the street (like the Hood Nurse Team does), then you’d know that some of the artists from the golden era are not only alive and well, but active.  A perfect example of this is Compton, California’s own “MC Eiht”.  Eiht is a West Coast pioneer and has appeared in some of the 90’s most pivotal major motion pictures about life on the West Coast.  Often under-rated, Eiht has made a name for himself by staying consistent and his famous tag-line “Geah!”  MC Eiht has a ton of accomplishments to his credit (go do your homework), but mostly recently, he has dropped his highly anticipated album “Which Way Iz West”.  This is his 2nd effort with production powerhouse “Brenk Sinatra”.  MC Eiht brings those grimy 90’s style West Coast lyrics to a modernized and polished production style.  To make things even sweeter for MC Eiht, he has teamed up with DJ Premier’s “Year-Round Records” for this release.  DJ Premier’s stamp always comes highly regarded; and he also appears on several tracks in both voice and scratch cuts.  MC Eiht will never be talked about like Jayoncé or Kimye West, but he is the artist that those artist are secretly listening to.  (Because the styles start in the hood and trickle down to the commercial levels as a natural way of order). 

MC Eiht has successfully survived the hood for 47 years and continues to thrive as a gym enthusiast who also stays active on social media (IG: eiht0eiht).
I’ll admit, you have to be somewhat of a 90’s West Coast fan to fully enjoy MC Eiht’s music, but if you are a fan, then you’ll love the way Eiht has meshed his style with Brenk Sinatra’s powerful beats.  I haven’t seen a “Clean” version yet, so you might want to listen to this one without the kids around, at least until they’re ready for a concentrated dose of the hood; and speaking of hood, MC Eiht’s album “Which Way Iz West” is highly recommended by the Hood Nurse Team.  Throw your dubs up and go cop MC Eiht’s new album.  Big shouts out to MC Eiht and the entire West Coast. Here is a sample of the pure dopeness!

The Hip-Hop Anchor

Hood to Haven and Back Again

Hey Ya’ll, this particular artist is a good homie of mine! The brotha is crazy talented and  a truly genuine man! I have a great deal of respect for this cat, and I am truly a fan of his work! Asa Spade, a NW native, who represents lovely in every aspect of what he does, puts it down fa sho with this joint. The song is called “Tonight Is Your Night” and is truly great example of Asa’s talent. Asa has been rockin for years and is getting better with every project. If you listen to his past projects including, “A New Radio Wave”, you would know the only direction Asa is headed for is success! Asa has a very smooth flow with the ability to bust a hot 16, or bless yo ears wit some lovely vocals. On top of the fact that Asa is extremely talented, his work ethic is ridiculous. Asa is always getting into something and is always looking to help someone else to achieve their goals! Here is another way to get acquainted with my mans https://411globalmedia.wixsite.com/ptownmedia  It is a pleasure to know this man and call him my homie! Check this joint out I know you will not be disappointed. Enjoy

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Yo, I have been working on a few projects recently and I just wanted to share a song that I think will best represent who I am as an artist! The joint is called “Do Yo Thang”. I wrote this song to remind myself not to worry about what is going on around me, but to focus on what I am doing. There is a gang of people in this world who live being afraid of what others may think about them. The deal is, if you are being authentically you, then it does not matter what others think! It is needed to be true to yourself and live the life you want to live, cause you only get one chance to make this life dope. I figure I will do my best to make mine great! I want to be a history maker and not a spectator! I hope that this joint will encourage ya’ll to do the same. Enjoy!


I am always on the hunt for good music ya’ll. If you have any suggestions please hit me up. I will give it a solid listen and put up a review. Thanks for your time ya’ll. I hope you enjoy the music.


MaddHadda aka The Hood Nurse



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